Two Books of Ultimate and Extreme Intricate Mazes
Exercise brain by navigating the intricately devised and difficult labyrinths in Extreme Mazes collection...
(was £17)
Four-Book Complete Minecraft Handbook Collection
This collection features four handbooks that teach about combat, construction, redstone and how to start an adventure with Minecraft...
(was £11)
Mr Pattacake The Complete Collection Ten-Book Box Set
Ideal for kids who like crazy adventures, food and animals, these stories are about an eccentric chef, Mr Pattacake, and his cat, Treacle...
(was £31)
Write and Wipe 10-Book Get Set Go Writing Collection
Including bright photographs ans simple instructions to make learning fun, this 10-book set is ideal for preschool children...
(was £39)
Just William Collection Book Set by Richmal Crompton 
Designed to provide children with hours of fun, this book set includes 10 Just William books which describe many exciting adventures...
(was £59)
The Diaries of Robins Travels Complete Ten-Book Collection
Take the kid to a great adventure with Robin and Granddad who travel the world and learn about the exciting cultures along the way...
(was £49)
Mario Kart 8 Racing Wheel for Nintendo Wii U
Featuring prints from Mario Kart 8, this racing wheel is compatible with Wii U and Wii gaming consoles...
(was £14)
ORB USB to Micro USB 3-Metre Charge Cable for PS4
This 3-metre long cable allows simultaneous charge and play with the wireless PS4 controller and can be used with other mini USB devices...
(was £4)
The Elf on the Shelf Birthday Tradition Book with Elf Cupcake Suit and Hat
A long-awaited sequel to the bestselling Elf on the Shelf Christmas Tradition, this book is ideal as a present...
(was £19)
Harper Collins Geek Girl Series Four-Book Box Set
Real treat for all Geek Girl fans, this box set includes four books about Harriet Manners comical misadventures in the world of fashion...
(was £12)
Mary Poppins The Complete Collection by P.L. Travers Five-Book Set
Interest kids in extraordinary adventures of Mary Poppins, Jane and Michael with this book set arriving in a slipcase...
(was £34)
Mr. Men Six-Book Christmas Collection
Enjoy Christmas with Mr. Men and Little Miss characters in this six-book collection, all Christmas-themed...
(was £5)
Philippa Gregory Six-Book Collection
Written by a well-known author, Philippa Gregory, this collection includes six historical novels about the Tudor court...
(was £16)
Eight-Book My Little Pony Story Collection
Designed to develop kids’ reading skills, this eight-book collection is ideal for My Little Pony fans...
(was £13)
The Chronicles of Narnia Seven-Book Set
Ideal for developing kids’ imagination before they go to sleep, this set includes seven hardcover books...
(was £41)
The Wizard of Oz 15 Books Boxed Set
Ideal for the Wizard of Oz fans, this boxed set includes 15 redesigned and anglicised children’s classic books...
(was £14)
Rachel Renee Russell Dork Diaries Ten-Book Set
Real treat for all Nikki Maxwell fans, this colourful collection of children’s novels follows the character in her new adventures...
(was £12)
Aliens and Dinosaurs Love Underpants Three-Book Box Set
Featuring vibrant illustrations, these books can provide hours of fun; ideal as a gift for a young reader ...
(was £10)

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